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Two Contractors Install Metal Panel Roofing on a Commercial Building.

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When you’re having a problem and need a commercial roofer, you want the team of contractors who can conduct the repairs that you need in a professional manner. We are knowledgeable in many roofing systems that are primarily used for larger buildings and properties. We’re available to conduct repairs if you’re looking for them or install a brand-new roof when the time comes for replacement service. While some people might wait to have a minor leak serviced, time is money and putting off calling a professional could have a serious effect on your bottom line. When you’re looking for a professional commercial roofer in Arvada, CO, contact Clear Creek Limited Inc at 303-898-7884 for more information today!

A Built-Up Commercial Roof After Installation Service.

Roofing for Local Businesses

Servicing a business’ rooftop is a completely different process than its residential counterpart. From layers of tar and gravel to corrugated metal, we can provide you with the kind of high-quality repairs and installation services that will keep your building and everything inside safe from the elements and associated damage. Don’t risk your business when you can call us to fix the damage or conduct a total replacement. For an expert commercial roofer in Arvada, CO, call Clear Creek Limited Inc’s professionals at 303-898-7884 for details about the services you need.

Typical Materials for Repair and Installation

  • Built-Up A gold standard in the United States for over one hundred years, this involves using layering to ensure proper waterproofing and protection. Sometimes it’s tar and gravel, other times it is asphalt and felt. Every combination involves multiple levels of layers that the business owner can choose from for increased protection, from three layers to five. It lasts approximately fifteen and thirty years, but it takes proper maintenance and upkeep to last for the longest possible time. Waves, cracks, and blisters can be repaired quickly so long as you call for service quickly.
  • Corrugated Metal Usually made from aluminum, this roofing material is like standing seam in not having too many downsides. It can last for decades, some say up to one hundred years. The connectors are exposed to the elements, so they need to be inspected and potentially replaced every so often. Corrugated metal can also be customized in most colors, treated in many ways to prevent moss and mold. The quicker you call for repairs, the longer this type of roof will last.
  • Single Ply Membrane Another option that offers a wide array of benefits for commercial properties. Easy to install, most different single ply membranes come in one piece or very few parts that are all connected together. The way it’s installed minimizes the chances that there will be leaks over time, and is insulated against the elements. Typically, it’s treated in a reflective coating to minimize ultraviolet radiation damage. Commercial roofers can install different single-ply membranes, usually made from rubber or thermoplastic, so they’re impact resistant and can be installed on oddly shaped or strange roof designs.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing This option has been growing in popularity over the years and is excellent for low-slope commercial roofs. We work primarily with snap-seal panels, meaning it’s designed specifically to fit together making it easier to install. Every part of this material is incredibly durable as it’s made of metal, including the seams themselves. The fact that they are vertical means water doesn’t run along with the snap areas, minimizing the chances of leaks through the areas that are vulnerable on other, more exposed roof materials. It’s also lightweight and low-cost, takes a fraction of the time of other commercial options to install, and can last anywhere from forty to seventy years. Some experts say that it might even last over one hundred years if it receives proper care.
Contractors Use A Fire Tool to Melt Modified Bitumen Felt on a Roof.

Commercial Roofing Company

A damaged roof can be a huge threat to your finances and your ability to do business in the area. Minor leaks turn into emergencies that require extensive repairs and vacating the premises for safety reasons. That’s why our expert commercial roofer team recommends repairs at the earliest signs of damage since it will save you money. We care about local businesses because we understand you’re the backbone of the community, so for it to thrive you need to be able to continue making money in your building. If you hire us, you’re getting our years of expertise and training for a better focus on fixing your problem in a professional manner and will listen to your needs during every step of the project. When you need a high-quality commercial roofer in Arvada, CO, call the experts of Clear Creek Limited Inc at 303-898-7884 to schedule a free estimate today!